John Nash

When the Sun Calls Your Name...or, Ghost World

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When the Sun Calls Your Name...or, Ghost World was originally recorded as a solo project by self-described "dejected psychedelic warrior" John Nashinal (also known as John Nash) under the name Ghost World, even though Nashinal played most of the instruments on the album himself. Nashinal was helped out during the recording sessions by a handful of Detroit's leading underground musical leaders, including musician/producer Matthew Smith and singer/guitarist Aliccia Berg from Slumber Party. After the 2001 release of the motion picture Ghost World, Nashinal decided to change the name of his "band" to the Alphabet. Overall, this full-length psych-garage debut has a similar vibe to Smith's band, Outrageous Cherry, and to another of Nashinal's bands, the Witches. Nashinal's dusky vocals -- like those of Smith and also Troy Gregory of the Witches -- are dark, moody, and awash in reverb. Lyrically, all three bands mine the same mind-warped territory. The album plunges forth with a Syd Barrett-styled acid folk romp "Thirsty" before veering off into decidedly more upbeat tracks like "Witches Believe Us" and the effects-laden title track,"When the Sun Calls Your Name," which, according to Nashinal, is a simultaneous reference to both Wiccan philosophy and early blues themes. In an interview, Nashinal once stated: "You have to respect nature to begin to understand the world; when she gives up on us, it's all over. No matter how many advances in technology come along, Mother Nature always has the final say." Another highlight is the Forever Changes-style closing track, "Above the Clouds," sonically of epic proportions, with jangling acoustic guitars and shimmering backing vocals. This album was expected to be released by Alan McGee's Poptones before the U.K.-based label underwent financial reorganization in 2001. It's now in stores via Nashinal's own Nashinal Sound label.