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What is Bhangra

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Imagine crossing club music, rap, some Indian music, and maybe a little ska. What you'll get is Bhangra, originally the traditional music of the Punjab region (which borders India and Pakistan). It came to England with Asian immigrants, mutated, fused with other forms, and eventually became dance music for kids. This collection of high-energy, rhythmic cuts by Achanak, Johnny Zee, Saqi, and others stomps along like some sort of musical Godzilla. Some of the tracks, like "Nukhe Chakhee Javana," are fun but fairly predictable pop, while others, like TSB Golden Star's "Makhana," feature tribal shouts and Quawali-like vocals. A few songs, like Eshara's "Amberseria," sit delightfully right on the boundary between East and West. Synthesizers, samples, and snippets of dialogue from old movies abound in this vivacious and good-humored dance music. Try a track at a party for something different.