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Netz's debut release, Werk01, revealed that this electro act was more interested in taking steps to explore its own unique voice than in creating typical styles of electro music. Werk02 is a dynamic leap along the same path -- the individual character is better realized, and the music itself has evolved into a new and even more compelling beast. Werk02 is a finished piece that is more than the sum of its moods. At times vocals and synth voices alike are cold and perhaps remote, almost Kraftwerk-ian (such as in "Zeitspiegal"), and Werk02 displays a trend of building tension through a sense of musical restraint in a way that is usually associated with artists such as haujobb. However, this feel does not dominate the release, as Netz shows a capability for warm synth chords as well ("Zeit"), or even an almost camp playfulness ("Bilderwelt"). Synth sounds are clean, and Netz has sacrificed dense layering in favor of fewer, more complex synth voices. What holds it all together, besides the recurring metronome theme that links tracks, is the sense of an evolved musical sensibility that has constructed all this. The different synth lines are more complicated than standard EBM fare, and always fit together perfectly. This musical jigsaw encourages repeat listening -- in fact, Werk02 may only begin to make real sense after a few listens. Netz has not provided simple and accessible dance tunes -- this is EBM music for EBM artists and fans. It is not unfair to suggest that perhaps Werk02 is an attempt to push the envelope, a documentary soundtrack for a dark, unwritten feature. Werk02's smooth electronica will not fail to please anyone looking for something different or more involved than the usual EBM fair.