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Netz's debut release, Werk01, defies classification. This solidly electro release is one of the stranger releases of the year, in part due to the range of different electro sensibilities that inform the musical style. The contrasting styles that Netz has woven together is evident from the very opening track, "Evolution-m." Campy German electro melodies play over campier English lyrics for several minutes before a heavy beat comes in and turns the entire flavor of the track to that of a harder electro -- right down to German vocoded lyrics. This is just one way in which Werk01 can turn on a listener, and Netz shows more tricks in later tracks, as textures range from a playful and distinctly European electronica ("Puppen") to colder electro soundscapes that are at times Kraftwerkian ("Datenautobahn"). Then there is the bizarrely motivated but accomplished epic soundtrack "Dune," named after the book turned movie, which almost documents the struggle over Spice in a lyrical musical form. One thing Werk01 always is, however, is smooth. The synth voices sit comfortably together, and melodies are organized together well. This may give the sense of Netz as architects, and the analogy holds -- the music feels very constructed. It is perhaps this sensibility that makes a release sporting such a range of musical ideas work as well as it does. Werk01 is, in a word, different. Netz has brought a unique voice to bear on the electro scene, and while that voice may not have the widest of commercial appeal, there is no question that it is something worth hearing. Werk01 is a catchy, quirky, and original release that will definitely provide a full experience for listeners looking for something different. The Art of Fact re-release of Werk01 has an extra track, a remix by Netz of In Strict Confidence's "Industrial Love," only otherwise available on Flatlines' A Flatline Compilation, Vol. 2.

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