Black Rose

We're Gonna Rock You

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We're Gonna Rock You Review

by Eduardo Rivadavia

Originally released in September 1983, this four-track EP was the much anticipated follow-up to Black Rose's impressive first single from a year earlier, "No Point Runnin'," and already it showed the dual creative forces that were constantly battling for the band's soul. On the A-side were the title track and "Used and Abused," with their intolerably trite lyrics and moronically simplistic structures, clearly angling for the basest cock rock acceptance; on the B-side were a couple of nearly as accessible, but significantly tougher, smarter -- and better! -- heavy rock nuggets in "Stand Your Ground" and "Red Light Lady." In fact, the latter was easily the pick of the bunch here, taking the sheer ebullience of Van Halen and pushing it into electrifying overdrive so that one can only wish that Black Rose had seen it as their career template, instead of an anomaly.