Donald Glover

Weirdo: Live from New York

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An actor (best known for playing the character Troy Barnes on the sitcom Community) and rapper (indie rapper actually, known as Childish Gambino), Weirdo gives the world proof that Donald Glover is also a top-notch standup comedian, and that the talented man isn't spread too thin. Think classic Cosby records (the "like I said, I grew up with..." transitions are pure Wonderfulness) crossed with a comedian for the post-everything generation (there's a bear eating Kanye West at Bonnaroo bit that'll either make you feel awesome or old) and you're in the general neighborhood of Weirdo, plus you can add some unexpected wisdom as Glover realizes the approach of his thirties means he'll be entering the "locked-in" era, when teens-and-twenties folly gives way to life-defining adulthood (which, according to "Weird Is Good," is also the time to start questioning Muppet Babies). Glover is on a great, relatable run from "S'Mores" to "Home Depot" ("Auschwitz for kids"), but the killer bit toward the end of the album involves a turd, and it isn't even contained within the track dubbed "Poop." With plenty of turd, sex, and "Tiny Hitlers" talk, sitcom fans, and even Glover's hip-hop fans, should be aware that Weirdo does earn its title. Get past that and this is like the Fat Albert kids hanging with Odd Future, creating a great, very funny, Weird Harold-like mix of everyman and edgy.

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