The Raunchy Young Lepers

We Will Kick Your Ass If You Don't Listen to Our Suicide Music!

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The Raunchy Young Lepers went out of sight, out of mind to anyone and everyone following its breakup in 1991, but given that nobody knew who they were anyway, it wasn't like that was a massive change in fortunes. Some years later, 28086 found himself urged by the Pennsylvania-based Catsup Plate tape label, who worked with him in his various far more mature guises and projects, to put together a collection of some representative Lepers' highlights. The result, titled after a bold claim from one of the earliest Lepers' songs, "We're the Raunchy Young Lepers," served as the first means for a wider audience to find out something more about the band's astounding and revolting career. No particular order was followed, as numbers like "Sex Slave Auction," "Megabass," "They Ripped Up My Mind," and "The Maid Got Laid," among many others, showcased the four in their ranting, pathetic glory. There's even a bonus track of sorts, featuring the Goat-Boy pretending to vomit again and again. All members contributed to an accompanying booklet containing pictures, photocopies of dumb cartoons, lyric transcriptions, and other ephemera from the group's shadowy existence. 28086 gets the lion's share of the commentary as the compiler, including a brief but encompassing band bio, a "where are they now" section, and an album-by-album breakdown, including mentions of related projects like Young Republicans' Club, Bruler en Enfer, and John Doe's Evil Twin. The other three members also contribute brief pieces; collectively all four completely apologize for everything they recorded. Understandable on a level of decency, but taken with a grain of salt, this material is still thoroughly and totally hilarious. (As a slight confession of conflict of interest, this reviewer wrote the introductory essay to the booklet.)