5 Cent Deposit

We Have Your Daughter

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In the '90s, emocore/punk-pop became an extremely crowded field -- and it certainly didn't become any less crowded in the early 2000s. There were plenty of Green Day and Blink-182 disciples during the Bill Clinton years, and they were just as prevalent when George W. Bush began his second year as president. Not that one has to be a United States citizen to embrace emo; in Latin America, plenty of rock en espaƱol combos have provided Spanish-language emo. What separates emo from the Dickies, the Buzzcocks, and other old-school punk-pop bands that emerged in the '70s? Today's emo artists are a lot more confessional and introspective, and those words definitely describe We Have Your Daughter. Emo's usual recipe -- confessional, introspective lyrics combined with youthful angst and loud punk-pop aggression -- is all over this CD. The New York-based 5 Cent Deposit is hardly the only emo/punk-pop unit that has been heavily influenced by Green Day and NOFX, and no one is going to accuse We Have Your Daughter of being groundbreaking. Nonetheless, the material on We Have Your Daughter is, for the most part, a cut above similar efforts by bands that are also Green Day-minded and NOFX-influenced. Many of the emo discs that came out in 2002 were pedestrian and totally forgettable; We Have Your Daughter, however, has more memorable tracks than forgettable ones. In 2002, anyone who spent much time listening to alterna-rock radio could easily become sick to death of all the faceless Blink-182 clones that were getting airplay. But those who haven't rebelled against emo altogether will find that on We Have Your Daughter, 5 Cent Deposit has more to offer than much of the competition.

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