We Come Out at Night


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We Come Out at Night Review

by Alex Henderson

When We Come Out at Night was released in 1993, commercial pop-metal was on the decline. Alternative rock was becoming rock's dominant direction, and labels were hungrily looking for the next Pearl Jam or the next Nirvana -- not the next Bon Jovi or the next Winger. But that didn't stop Zoo from putting out this glossy pop-metal disc by Disturbance, a band that draws on such influences as Motley Crue, Warrant, Poison and Van Halen. Tunes like "No More," "Cryin" and "New York City" aren't the least bit innovative, and in 1993, this type of hook-minded hard rock was sounding increasingly dated and anachronistic. But that doesn't erase the fact that this is a generally fun, if unremarkable and uneven, CD. The obscure Disturbance was everything pop-metal and glam metal were stereotyped as being -- decadent, trashy, hedonistic and rowdy. Though not in a class with Motley Crue or Poison, Disturbance had some potential. Unfortunately for Disturbance, this little-known album became a victim of bad timing. Had We Come Out at Night been released in the 1980s or even 1991 and had the right promotion from the right label, it might have been a hit. But in 1993, Disturbance was unable to break through commercially.

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