The Bardots

We Are Fiasco

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England's Bardots ran into some hard luck when their debut LP, Eye Baby, was issued, only for their Cheree label to promptly go out of business. Ouch! Following that unfortunate and horrible setback, they managed to slip out this single on a new label, Pygmy. In fact, one must wonder if the title (and chorus) of "We Are Fiasco" isn't just a little autobiographical, and if so, you can't blame them. "Fiasco" is an average if effective post-shoegazer tune that's saved by an intelligently weaved guitar line and a long bridge near the end of the song where both the song and sound get stronger; with a few plays the whole song becomes more memorable. What's stranger and more delightful is "The Crack Up," just a stroked acoustic guitar, a piano, and a chamber-voiced vocal that all sounds like a Plastic Ono Band haunt-a-thon (if they had sung "I don't believe in Bardots," you'd get the reference) -- really good stuff. The EP is rounded off by alternate versions of two tracks from Eye Baby, "Applepain" and "Miss Another," both excellent songs if you don't have (and can't find) the out of print album, but not really all that important if you already possess it.