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WATERCLOCK is a contemplative and tranquil release that encourages listeners to travel to a beautiful, serene place within. This New Age, keyboard-driven album conjures up visions of water on all seven tracks. Not surprisingly, many of these compositions use a dripping effect. Listeners will hear this best on "Submerge." This is a delicate piece that imitates the sound of rain through the use of a synthesized marimba. Like most of the sounds on this album, this percussion effect is swimming in reverb and the reverb gives each track a large, cavernous feel.

"Dissolve" is another work that incorporates the trickle of water. Again, Glen Tarachow uses keyboard effects to achieve this. However, on this piece, a plaintive guitar melody floats atop the simulated water. "Reflect" best represents Tarachow's overarching concept for WATERCLOCK. On this track, long tones encircle a simple arpeggiated melody. Like the other six tracks, the water motif is used to invoke colorful mental imagery. When listening to this song, one can easily picture large droplets of water gently falling from a dark gray cloud to the ground.

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