Tony Hazzard

Was That Alright Then

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Tony Hazzard's third album was much like its predecessor, 1971's Loudwater House, in its laid-back, forgettable early-'70s singer/songwriter mood. Traces of Elton John, Paul McCartney, and James Taylor were still in force, though perhaps there was more of a country flavor, particularly in B.J. Cole's pedal steel guitar. The sentimental ballad "I Think I'm Getting Over You" did provide Hazzard with a bit of success when it was covered for a mild British hit by Andy Williams under the title "Getting Over You" (Peter Noone also covered it under that title, without charting). The track bound to attract the most attention among collectors, however, is "Paul McCartney," a pastiche with McCartneyesque touches like a bouncy feel-good melody, mid-tempo rhythm piano, and music hall-influenced instrumentation. It's not all that inventive or amusing, though Hazzard certainly lays his cards on the table with the opening line, "Sometimes I wish that I could write a song like Paul McCartney." If he could, the album would have likely been better received, with Melody Maker's terse dismissal of Was That Alright Then? ("No it wasn't. Try again.") more memorable than the record itself.