Ely Buendía

Wanted: Bedspacer

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Like other rock stars who have engaged in side projects, Philippine rocker Ely Buendia, the most influential member of rock band the Eraserheads, recorded a solo album in 2000, Wanted: Bedspacer. He needn't have bothered. Like the last several Eraserheads albums, Wanted: Bedspacer is a pointless, meandering affair. The songs lack energy, and the album sorely lacks pacing. Too many songs move at a slow, ambient pace, and the songs themselves aren't strong enough to support this approach, so they end up sounding sleepy and tired. The title song, "Wanted: Bedspacer," starts on slow, ambient keyboards and has Ely Buendia singing a slow, boring melody. The worst is yet to come, though, as he ends the song by repeating the words "Wanted bedspacer" for three-and-a-half minutes slowly above ambient guitar. One wonders what Ely Buendia was thinking when he recorded this song. "Monday Mundane," "Over 18," "Tapos Na" (It's Over), "Oras" (Time), and "Shallow Breathing" also move at an ambient, pointless pace. The weird "Kakaiba" (Different) starts on a 1970's-styled disco groove, over which electronica effects and strange, computer-enhanced singing is heard. One of the better songs is "Santo" (Saint), which has a more traditional verse-chorus-verse structure, and has a catchy melody and chorus. All in all, though, this album is pointless.