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If Nirvana was the most bootlegged alternative rock band of the '90s, Pearl Jam probably ran a close second. Numerous Pearl Jam bootlegs flooded the underground market in the '90s, and because many of them boasted excellent sound quality, fans could be picky. Of course, completists and some of the more obsessive fans weren't picky -- they wanted every Pearl Jam bootleg they could get their hands on, and acquired the great-sounding ones as well as those with weak sound. In terms of sound quality, The Wall is decent, but not perfect. Recorded at Deutschland Halle in Berlin, Germany, on November 3, 1996, this two-CD set was probably a soundboard recording. But plugging into a soundboard doesn't guarantee perfect sound, and the sound isn't as sharp as it could have been. Pearl Jam's performance, however, is generally excellent. The power of the band comes through on gems that range from "Alive," "Red Mosquito" and "Better Man," to "Corduroy," "Jeremy," "Animal" and "Daughter." The Wall, which Midnight Express obviously named after Pink Floyd's hit album of 1979, isn't essential. But diehard fans and collectors will enjoy it if they can find it.