David Koresh

Voice of Fire

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Since Charles Manson's demos have enjoyed such a long commercial life, it was inevitable that other records catering to listeners' morbid, voyeuristic urges would appear. That isn't to equate David Koresh with Charles Manson, but it is probable that sideshow curiosity rather than the anticipation of great music motivates most buyers of Voice of Fire. The disc consists of two religious songs ("Book of Daniel" and "Sheshonahim") and a nearly hourlong sermon. The songs feature Koresh singing along with his acoustic guitar and, while they aren't very good, they aren't quite as bad as you might expect. Koresh's death, the destruction of the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, TX, and lingering controversy over the actions of the FBI may make this disc politically interesting for some but, for everyone else, Voice of Fire is -- at best -- like watching an automobile accident in slow motion.