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Unquiet Grave 2000

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Unquiet Grave 2000 is a sequel to Cleopatra's first Unquiet Grave compilation, which focused primarily on goth rock. This two-CD set is more diverse than its predecessor; this time, Cleopatra also includes industrial noise and EBM. But the theme is similar, dark, not-so-cheerful music from the underground; if you're searching for happy, escapist lyrics, you won't find them here. Musically, the two CDs that comprise Unquiet Grave 2000 (which contains a total of 34 tracks) are quite different. Disc one concentrates on goth rock and ethereal, and goth gems like the Cruxshadows' "Marilyn, My Bitterness," Doppelganger's "Mad Sky," Fear Cult's "Drop Dead," Diva Destruction's "The Broken Ones," and Flesh for Eve's "The Witch" are everything you expect goth to be: haunting, relentlessly gloomy, and highly melodic. Disc two, however, isn't consistently goth oriented and has more of an industrial/EBM focus. This isn't to say that everything on disc two caters to industrial purists or is devoid of goth influences, but the tunes on disc two do tend to be harder and more aggressive than the material on disc one. Lyrically, industrial offerings like Pulcher Femina's "Scream and Die" and Inertia's "Regime" are every bit as dark and pessimistic as anything on disc one, although it would be wrong to say that goth and industrial are identical lyrically. Goth rock, as its name indicates, tends to have gothic themes and be darkly romantic or darkly poetic, if Barnabus Collins (the ill-fated vampire of the television cult classic Dark Shadows) were a rock singer, his genre of choice would be goth rock. Industrial, however, is more apocalyptic; world destruction, extreme suffering, and societal breakdown are common themes of this form of music. Some goth lovers also appreciate industrial, and some find much of it to be overly abrasive. And for goth fans who don't have a taste for industrial, parts of disc two could present a problem (especially tracks as ferocious and blistering as Unit 187's "Capital Punishment" and Divertje's "To Hell"). But if you're an eclectic, broad-minded listener who holds goth, darkwave, ethereal, industrial, and EBM in equally high regard, Unquiet Grave 2000 is enthusiastically recommended.

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