Unleashed Carnage


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Unleashed Carnage Review

by Alex Henderson

Sweden is widely regarded as the top Scandinavian country for death metal/black metal -- Sweden is as famous for extreme metal as it is for avant-garde jazz and bubblegum Europop -- but the other Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, and Finland) also have their share of death metal and black metal action. Chaosbreed, one of the many extreme metal bands that came out of Finland in the early 2000s, keeps things unapologetically brutal on Unleashed Carnage. This harsh, bruising EP (which was recorded in 2003) is best described as death metal/black metal with a touch of hardcore; Unleashed Carnage isn't metalcore in the way that Hatebreed, Brick Bath, and Throwdown are metalcore, but guitar-wise, Chaosbreed's death metal/black metal does contain hints of the post-punk, post-Black Flag hardcore sound of the '80s and early '90s. Of course, old-school hardcore didn't have the demonic vocal style one finds on Unleashed Carnage; Chaosbreed favors the type of evil-sounding, larynx-shredding growl that headbangers associate with death metal. For all its ferocity, Unleashed Carnage isn't grindcore; there are way too many tempo changes for this disc to qualify as grindcore. Nonetheless, the material on Unleashed Carnage has enough high-speed aggression to keep a mosh pit happy -- and while Chaosbreed isn't terribly musical, it's good for pure exhilaration (which is exactly what the metalheads in the mosh pit are looking for). All things considered, Unleashed Carnage is among Finland's more noteworthy death metal/black metal efforts of 2003.

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