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Undistilled Review

by Brian Olewnick

Sakada is an intriguing, improvising trio formed by noted AMM percussionist Eddie Prevost, ex- Thela member and New Zealand native Rosy Parlane on computer and radio, and Mattin on computer feedback. Mattin's function appears to be to record the sounds generated by his partners, transfigure them, and redeploy them into the live environment. Since even Prevost's percussion often tends toward the abstract, part of the fun is guessing who's doing what, although, obviously, it ends up making no difference at all. The three cuts were recorded live on three separate occasions. "Audit-20.01.02" is perhaps the most successful, brimming with noise, clangs, and scrapes ricocheting across the aural space, creating an organic, if very rough and tumble, unity. The second track, "Worm -- 27.02.02," takes as its basic sound element the bowed cymbals of Prevost and extends into an eerie, relatively quiet realm, though one filled with agitation, unease, and a certain amount of suspense. It may have been more effective at half its length, however; the momentum is largely used up by the end of the piece. "Baggage Reclaim-24.03.02" is more abstract still, with static washes, ambient noise, and ringing tones making up most of the work. Sakada is an interesting venture into the post- AMM world of free, electro-acoustic improvisation and if it doesn't really approach that group's extraordinary heights, it attains a high-enough level of quality to make this album recommendable to like-minded listeners.

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