Andy Seniska

Unconscious Flux

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Fans of modern jazz guitar, as opposed to what might be called avant-garde or noise guitar, will find Florida's Andy Seniska an appealing player. Those who have visited the gorgeous Tampa area may imagine a shimmering light in his playing, as if each of his superbly executed electric guitar passages, dampened by volume pedal tapping, was skimming out over the bay and tickling herons under the beak. Some of his slower pieces, such as the title track, bring to mind something else entirely, however. With bits of synthesizer fragmented in, this piece could fit into the soundtrack for the film Carnival of Souls.

The best tracks consist of exciting interplay between the guitarist and an eager rhythm section, as ought to be the case with this style of music. The leader is equally effective on keyboards and guitar. Even when an opening theme lacks much of anything to either remember or inspire, the guys are up and cooking, percussionist Jim Stewart the sonic equivalent of a buffet chef with a solution for every gastric problem -- including what sounds like playing a gong with an uprooted parsley plant. A fine bass track comes from someone credited as Placebo, adding another name to the odd list of bassists with one-piece stage nicknames ending in the syllable "bo."

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