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Exogen, on their sophomore effort, relies more on an original sound rather than attempting to be a clone of Pink Floyd. The end product gives the listener a new group of musicians to examine and be entertained by. What Exogen has to offer is music that is very much their own and given to the listener with an unconditional message enclosed. Unique and separate from mainstream pop music, Exogen looks to open people's eyes and ears to what they feel are important issues. Religion, politics, and other subjects many consider taboo are areas Exogen opens up for public examination and discussion. On the first track of the album, "I'll Find My Way (Part 1)," William Duranti gives the listener a minor example of his skills on the classical guitar. It's a short melodic piece that has an infectious hook that is hard to shake. The closing message on the final track of the album, "I'll Find My Way (Part 2)," explains what this concept album was all about. People must find their own way, and who can tell them which direction is the right way for them? Exogen spreads the message that was so hip in the '70s, which was basically "to do your own thing," whatever brings joy and happiness into one's life. Sometimes people read more into a message than they should, but whether their interpretations are right or wrong are matters up for discussion. Love should always be unconditional, but all too often it comes with way too many conditions. In a less than perfect world, Exogen takes on the mission of awakening the examination of unconditional reasonings. Whether one agrees with the concept or not, one will certainly be enlightened and entertained by the way Exogen attempts to bring this message to light.