U Ken Feel It

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Anti-guitar and fiercely pro-ukulele, Uketrance are a trio from Seattle who write fun, goofy songs extolling vapor as a savior of the planet and praising grandma's food over all else. With amplified soprano and baritone ukes, the occasional kiddie xylophone and recorder, and some snappy percussion, Uketrance create stunning, retarded songs like "Ants," which is from an ant's perspective and includes the chorus, "Stop poking your stick at me!" and "GI Joe," a song with sweet harmonies about torturing, drowning, and blowing up GI Joes with lyrics like "I buried him naked in the snow" and "Had a parachute failure on GI Joe." Some of the songs are more cutesy than funny and some are really anything but funny, but that seems to go along with the whole grand tradition of ukuleles in popular music.