Un Drame Musical Instantané

Trop d'Adrenaline Nuit

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This was the first album by Un Drame Musical Instantane, originally released in 1977 and reissued on CD with a bonus track. The disc offers four long tracks of purely creative and very free avant-garde improvisation, somewhat in the realms of AMM, MEV, and Morphogenesis, where there are almost no rules. "Prenons-La" begins with the insistent ringing of a bicycle bell before a trumpet and other instruments get added in. Bits of melody flicker through and mostly one hears clattering on many different objects, lots of electronic effects, bits of old LPs, and instruments producing unidentifiable sounds and a lot of skronky textures. At one point on "Sancta Papaverina," a speech by the Pope from a radio can be heard in the background, while on another track one of the bandmembers reads texts. These recordings were completely improvised, but are not too meandering and unfocused, perhaps because they were culled from a large number of recordings, as the trio taped themselves for 90 minutes a session three times a week at that time.