Daniil Trifonov

Trifonov: The Carnegie Recital

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Trifonov: The Carnegie Recital Review

by Blair Sanderson

Daniil Trifonov's 2013 recital at Carnegie Hall is a clear demonstration of what this pianist does well, in works well-suited to his talents. Trifonov has a reputation for his dazzling technique, which he has shown to best advantage in performances of Romantic repertoire, and his live readings of Alexander Scriabin's Piano Sonata No. 2 in G sharp minor, "Sonata-Fantasy," Franz Liszt's Piano Sonata in B minor, and Frédèric Chopin's 24 Preludes, Op. 28, offer a well-rounded impression of his extraordinary abilities. The Scriabin opener gives Trifonov an opportunity to display his amazingly quick prestidigitation in the second movement, and several of Chopin's preludes are whipped off with a velocity that impresses, even while being unnecessarily showy. But Trifonov has a much greater depth than his fireworks suggest, and his Scriabin and Chopin have moments of lucid reflection that reveal Trifonov's thoughtful, expressive side. Yet he seems most at home in Liszt's monumental sonata, with its brooding passages, wistful reveries, and dynamic surges that reveal the volatile and poetic temperaments to which he feels most attuned. Trifonov is decidedly a virtuoso in the Lisztian mold, so it would behoove him to make his next recital album an all-Liszt program, though this exceptional performance of the Sonata in B minor will have to satisfy his fans until then.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Piano Sonata No. 2 in G sharp minor, "Sonata-Fantasy", Op. 19
1 Daniil Trifonov 07:05 Amazon
2 Daniil Trifonov 03:25 Amazon
Piano Sonata in B minor, S 178
3 Daniil Trifonov 11:12 Amazon
4 Daniil Trifonov 07:36 Amazon
5 Daniil Trifonov 10:58 Amazon
24 Preludes, Op. 28
6 Daniil Trifonov 00:38 Amazon
7 Daniil Trifonov 02:02 Amazon
8 Daniil Trifonov 00:48 Amazon
9 Daniil Trifonov 01:40 Amazon
10 Daniil Trifonov 00:32 Amazon
11 Daniil Trifonov 01:51 Amazon
12 Daniil Trifonov 00:46 Amazon
13 Daniil Trifonov 01:39 Amazon
14 Daniil Trifonov 01:30 Amazon
15 Daniil Trifonov 00:28 Amazon
16 Daniil Trifonov 00:38 Amazon
17 Daniil Trifonov 01:11 Amazon
18 Daniil Trifonov 03:07 Amazon
19 Daniil Trifonov 00:31 Amazon
20 Daniil Trifonov 05:24 Amazon
21 Daniil Trifonov 01:03 Amazon
22 Daniil Trifonov 02:58 Amazon
23 Daniil Trifonov 00:49 Amazon
24 Daniil Trifonov 01:05 Amazon
25 Daniil Trifonov 01:29 Amazon
26 Daniil Trifonov 02:15 Amazon
27 Daniil Trifonov 00:40 Amazon
28 Daniil Trifonov 01:05 Amazon
29 Daniil Trifonov 02:43 Amazon
Skazki (Fairy Tales), Op. 26
30 Daniil Trifonov 01:25 Amazon
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