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Released two years before Havergal's debut full-length, Lungs for the Race, Trash is a 10" EP pressed on clear vinyl. The only track to feature lyrics is the opener, "It's All Trash." It works for him since words have never been his forte. The five tracks are dreamy post-rock tunes performed without a worry in the world. To keep things from sinking into relaxation music, Havergal has polluted the tracks: a backward snare drum hit here, extra surface noise there, a slowdown at the end of "There's a Routine." In case the EP is ever reissued on a CD, you'll find a frantic skipping accompaniment in "Subtitled" that will make you wonder if your laser needs a fix. A couple of tracks are a bit subpar ("Instead of Atmospheres," for instance, too inconsistent), but overall the record works nice as a gentle post-rock artifact.