Michael Tomlinson

Trace the Sky

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Michael Tomlinson, for his seventh album, continues to make music with a pop appeal. The style of his lyrics make for a captivating aural adventure. Tomlinson has a pleasant voice with a range which graces the beauty of each melody expertly. The group of musicians which he has chosen to lay down the groove are a well-oiled piece of musical machinery. As one glides into the Urban groove of the second song from Trace the Sky, "The Big Secret," there really is no secret to the structure of the piece. It is just a basic slow song done by good musicians and a very capable vocalist. With too generic a formula one tends to lose interest rather quickly. The element which saves the song from the recycle bin is the excellent lyrics which contain an intriguing viewpoint. When one explores the title track from the album, "Trace the Sky," they have an opportunity to hear Tomlinson's vocal range at it's best. The infectious melody has a beauty complemented by expertly written lyrics. Although this song fails to scream of originality, it does have a melodic charisma which holds the listener's interest. It also maintains a romantic groove for dancing with an easy listening quality. "Blink of an Eye" is certainly one of the high water marks from the album because of new elements which are introduced into the formula. Great electric lead guitar accents add unique color and depth. Elements of rock and jazz are incorporated into the song structure also lending to capture the listener into the groove. It is Tomlinson's vocal performance though that lifts this piece to it's majestic height. If one is looking for an album which breaks tradition at the twist of every note, than Trace The Sky certainly is not the album which fits that format. This album has more of a familiar and generic pop quality. The songs are powerful, especially in the lyrics which are very well presented. If one wants to just put on a disc, kick back, and relax, than slip Trace the Sky on, because this one fits the bill. It is as though a long-lost friend has come home and brought a bit of sunshine back into one's life, when one gets lost in this musical journey.

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