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Tourrorists! Review

by François Couture

If you like the Sun City Girls or usually listen to the albums released on Abduction Records, chances are that you will not be offended by Tourrorists! In fact, even if this kind of experimental psychedelic collage art is not your regular cup of tea, you might seriously enjoy this no-holds-barred attack on U.S. foreign policy and right-wing American values. Porest, aka Mark Gergis, uses fake dialog snippets, transmogrified Middle Eastern music, patched-up instructional records, and mock cheesy-organ social dance music to create a hilarious commentary on recent events. Listeners are treated to a derailing citizenship test ("INS Urgent"), the strangest terrorist speech ("Let's Roll"), a lesson on how poor people from abroad can become America's meat supply (and how to tenderize dark meat by blowing it up), and a disco anthem about Guantanamo. The latter, "Eye of the Leopard" (subtle, isn't it?), features the Finnish trio Aavikko as guests. Gergis rolls up his cynical humor into a well-crafted lo-fi extravaganza. The whole thing sounds cheap and hastily put together by design, but it is actually carefully assembled. The use of hijacked vinyl is reminiscent of early Martin Tétreault or Philip Jeck, while the unapologetic look at America's attitude toward the world recalls Eugene Chadbourne. In fact, Tourrorists! might be the most devastating protest record since the latter's Country Music in the World of Islam.

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