Tour EP

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Released in conjunction with Elekibass' first headlining tour of the U.S. in early 2003, this five-song CD-R manages in just 15 minutes' time to restore your faith in all that's right and good about rock & roll -- buoyed by woozy, shambling melodies and radiant harmonies, this is pop music at its most kaleidoscopic and euphoric, celebrating the sheer genius of absolute nonsense. Lord knows it's cliché to suggest that music is the universal language, but while it's impossible to comprehend the literal meaning of the group's broken-English lyrics, the emotional meaning is impossible to miss -- whatever the hell Elekibass is singing about, they mean it, unlike a generation of pre-fab pop stars who may as well be singing the legal fine print from their fat recording contracts and celebrity endorsement deals for what precious little they invest in the creative process.