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Too Much Goin' On

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Here's 16 tracks that seldom see the compact disc light of day (if they ever have as of the time of this writing), cruder than crude forays into early rock & roll and rhythm and blues definitely not for roots music fans who like their genres presented in a more genteel fashion. Each of the 16 selections is earmarked with a separate dance designation here, with multiple sleaze highlights abounding with the inclusion of Danny Zella and His Zell Rocks' "Black Saxes" (arguably the first Detroit rock & roll record), the Monorays' thudding "What's Your Name?," the Hollywood Vines' surf crazy "When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home," Ervin Rucker and the Blues Nighthawks Orchestra's sublimely sloppy, out-of-control, out-of-tune and (therefore) perfect "Done Done The Slop" and Fred Hughes' exercise in leather lung power, "Shout Mama Linda," its dance designation here being described as "stupidity." Comps of old, obscure 45s come and go, but this collection is a true keeper, delivering way more than some folks will be bargaining for in the roots music department.