Tongue of the Ocean

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Radium's five-song debut Tongue of the Ocean immediately taps into the dark corners of early-'80s near-goth artists like Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cult, Concrete Blonde, and the Cure. Heavily effected guitar drones and chillingly sultry vocals (courtesy of vampiric chanteuse Tabatha Predovich) pervade each track, hypnotically enveloping the listener. Sort of a supergroup of longtime Detroit music scene veterans, Radium's sound is reminiscent of British music from 20 years earlier in the same way that the Strokes are creating New York punk from the late '70s, or fellow Detroiters White Stripes have tapped into the garage-fueled blues-rock from the same era. Predovich's theatrical vocal presentation is underscored by an ever-changing two guitar onslaught and some solid and inspired drumming by David Below. The album's highlight, "Evil Thoughts," combines all of the strengths of the band, particularly in the chiming riff of guitarist Rich Patterson and the loose soloing of David Johnson. In fact, there are points where each of the members of the band are so deeply entrenched in the nuances of their instruments, bassist David Lee Krofchok is forced to anchor the song all by himself until everyone crashes back together again for the chorus. The most remarkable thing that Radium has accomplished is that they were able to evoke the sound of these multi-layered studio bands live to two-track during recording. The pulsing waves of sound don't come from some 64 channel mixer but from the actual instruments being played all in unison, a fact that many bands either can't accomplish, or have forgotten to even try.

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