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Tomorrowland Review

by Stewart Mason

A melodic power metal act from Australia, Black Majesty are an unabashed return to the late '70s and early '80s, when bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon ruled the metal scene and doing a Deep Purple cover (specifically the David Coverdale-era "Soldier of Fortune") was not automatic grounds for mockery. As it happens, the cover is pretty good, as is the rest of Tomorrowland. The key to Black Majesty is their remarkably talented singer, John Cavaliere; his voice is strongly reminiscent of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson, especially at those (quite frequent) points when he goes for the traditional power metal falsetto. But more than that, Cavaliere just has an unexpectedly tuneful, appealing vocal sound that's more based in hard rock gruffness than hair metal shriek. Think Bon Scott, not Axl Rose. Add in the band's knack for tempering its headbanging unison riffing and speed metal breakdowns with actual solos and melodic hooks and Tomorrowland is that rarity, a contemporary metal album that can also be enjoyed by folks who haven't bought a single metal album since Dio broke up.

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