Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves

Nineteen Forty-Five

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Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves Review

by Kelly McCartney

If you ever need to know how loud an amp will go, ask Nineteen Forty-Five. They are well versed in the art of high-volume, big-feedback guitars. Down and dirty, trash and thrash guitars that will send you sailing back to some party somewhere in your early 20s. Chances are you had a beer in hand and your head was bobbing up and down. You probably knew most of the words, or thought you did anyway. After all, Nineteen Forty-Five's frontman, Hunter Manasco, sings a little off-key and a little off-kilter, so that could just as easily be you up there. But alas, Manasco and crew are the chosen ones and Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves is their official debut on Daemon Records. A quick scan of the song titles will testify to Manasco's claim that the record is a bit on the dark side, despite its melodic shroud. "A Murder in California," "The Whore Next Door," and "Cemetery Gates" are the obvious culprits, but even "Andrea Doria" carries a subtext of death. Bassist/vocalist Katharine McElroy, guitarist Larry Holt, and drummer Will Lochamy fill out the Alabama quartet, bringing influences from Nirvana, the Pixies, and more. The band is named after the year of Debbie Harry's birth, for heaven's sake. So, if you dig that or if you had fun at that party back in your early 20s, you should definitely check it out.

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