Together Tonight

The Mr. T Experience

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Together Tonight Review

by Jack Rabid

Split 7" records, one side per band, are all the rage. Personally, I'd rather get two songs by one band (or two by both), but on the other hand, it's not a bad way to find out about bands you're unfamiliar with. I had never heard of Seattle trio Sicko, but their rapid-rattling "80 Dollars" reminds me a little of Mr. T Experience or early Angry Samoans, and they're not bad at all. Any band that sparks up a happy-go-lucky tune with all of punk's nonchalance is OK. As for Mr. T, their "Together Tonight" is almost in the same league as previous single slices like "The Last Time I Listened to You," recalling a little of the buzzing and grinding full-guitar sound of earlier Frisco Bay Area greats No Alternative (early '80s) -- the sound of this positively recalls "Johnny Got His Gun" from the Johnny Got His Gun 1978-1982 comp on Wingnut released in 1999. Just another reason to admire the roar and enthusiastic attitude combined in this veteran great band.