To Russia With Love

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To Russia With Love by Surferosa is an interesting mix of trash-pop. The four-track EP has a distinct sound that could be straight from the '80s if it weren't for the 2002 release date. Each song sounds like it is on the verge of becoming a trashed-out punk song but always maintains its clarity. Strange keyboard and guitar effects are prevalent, making the album seem new wave inspired. The Russian motif also adds to the dated feel. A "Reagan Sucks" T-shirt wouldn't seem entirely out of place on any of the bandmembers. The album seems more like an artifact from a forgotten time rather than a new release. "Powerstation" opens with a sound bite of some unintelligible Russian kicking off the album with bizarre style. The vocals on the track are clear and forceful, which are somewhat reminiscent of Japanese female rock bands. The strange mix of phrases sound as if they would go together but are incoherent. The vocals have the same cute edge that made Shonen Knife and Cibo Matto crossover successes. All four songs have energy and are unique without sounding like a parody. Each track is distinct and interesting and makes for an exciting first taste of Surferosa.