Diamond Head

To Heaven from Hell

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Diamond Head's career has to be one of the most frustrating and disappointing in the history of heavy metal. Though they were responsible for creating one of the most influential debut album's of the genre, 1980's Lightning to the Nations, the band quickly lost their way and squandered their potential in a series of lackluster albums and misguided career moves. This EP is a belated attempt to set the record straight. The five songs featured here were among the band's first self-financed recordings in 78/79, but by the time they saw the light of day via 1982's confused Borrowed Time album, their original vision had been corrupted and their overpowering energy dissipated. A case of too many cooks in the kitchen, the songs, and indeed the entire album, became a casualty of MCA's attempts to commercialize Diamond Head's sound, and the band's inability to just say no. Hence these re-mastered, remixed versions, which attempt to restore the cuts' original would-a, should-a been identity, squarely in line with the Lightning to the Nations raw musical ethos. And sure enough, Diamond Head experts will thrill as they immediately pick up on the subtle nuances and changes which accomplish just that, but the casual fan really won't give a damn -- a treat for fanatics only.

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