To Hear and Back Again


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To Hear and Back Again Review

by Dean McFarlane

The free improvisation group AMM remains a highly influential avant-garde phenomenon. The band's influence can be heard in experimental and avant-garde music from jazz through to classical composition, rock, and noise music. This recording is a strange anomaly in the AMM catalog, as the group has centered around founding members Keith Rowe and Eddie Prevost with a lineup that has changed periodically over 30 years. Rowe had left the group during the early '70s and, with his prepared guitar and electronics (which had defined the group's sound) absent, the duo of percussionist Prevost and saxophonist Lou Gare explores an improvisation that is closer to free jazz than the heady experimental abstractions of the '60s-period group. This album is undoubtedly an interesting tangent in the AMM canon, yet it lacks the vitality and rigor of other lineups; notably, the '80s would see the inclusion of pianist John Tilbury who, with Prevost and Rowe, made the third and fourth decades of the group's existence all the more challenging. This album contains some excellent moments of duo free improvisation nonetheless, although it is hard to picture its place in the AMM aesthetic as a whole.

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