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Timex Review

by Rolf Semprebon

Timex was the first full-length by this experimental duo from Norway. The CD begins with crackles and pops, like a very worn vinyl record. The drone of some instrument, perhaps a synth or a horn, can barely be heard in the distance. Toward the end of this track, the background (mostly distortion by now) begins to growl louder. "Neon Express" is a quieter track, though not quite as silent as most of Pancakes, especially with the jarring bits of vinyl slippage and clicks that sporadically cut into the mix. "Bullets for Breakfast" is more intense, with lots of rapid mechanical clicking and jolts of feedback growl that sound like something trying to burst itself out of a factory of clicks and hums. Even more intense is the next track, "Elevator Necklace," with low-pitched drones snapping into shrieks beneath sudden electrical blasts of sound; the piece comes off as impressionistic and startling at the same time. The rest of the CD is a bit more subdued, though the last track, "Happy New Year," has some great explosion effects. Timex is slightly less hyper than Hot Action Sexy Karaoke but, with its strange textures and moments of startling beauty, it's no less effective. Another great release by this highly original band.

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