The Rolling Stones

Time Trip 1969-1973, Vol. 2

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Like the first volume of this bootleg series, Time Trip 1969-1973, Vol. 2 presents a clutch of late-'60s and early-'70s studio outtakes that on the surface are quite appealing. They're a little disappointing upon actual listening, however, because they're largely alternate versions that aren't all that different from the ones in the standard, official Rolling Stones catalog. The differences on some are so slight, in fact, that they might be more properly categorized as mix variations than entirely different versions or takes. If you do want to hear those kind of things for classics like "Bitch" and "Brown Sugar," however, they're here. They're usually in outstanding sound quality, too, with a few odd exceptions, and add up to a full 73 minutes of music. Unfortunately, there are relatively few instances here where the version is markedly different from the official releases, though it does present yet more live-in-the-studio takes of "Tumbling Dice," "Shake Your Hip," and a "Blues Jam" done in Montreux in May 1972 (some other versions are included on other bootlegs, including Time Trip 1969-1973, Vol. 1). Aside from the title-descriptive instrumental "Blues Jam," though, there's just one song that doesn't appear on Stones releases of the period, the instrumental "Gimme a Drink" (also from Montreux in 1972). Not the same as "Loving Cup" (although the title might lead you to believe it is), it's a nice if slight item marrying a funk riff to a choppy, modified Bo Diddley beat. There's relatively little here to attract anyone other than hardcore Stones collectors, however, and some other bootlegs (such as Sweet Black Angel: The Lost Sessions, Vol. 1) offer studio outtakes from this period that are more interesting inasmuch as they include a much higher percentage of songs that didn't actually make the official albums in any form.