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The 50s CDs seem to have the best selection as the only significant omission seems to be Elvis Presley. The remastering job, however, seems to be indifferent. There is a bland, homogenized quality to the music. For exceptional sound quality, the Rhino reissues are much better. And, if you want your cuts to sound like your old 45s, the oldies but goodies series are the ones to get.

An additional comment about the 60s CDs: There are no Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Simon & Garfunkel cuts. Now I don't know about you, but this was the music I was listening to from 1964 to 1970. A "best of" series without this music just doesn't cut it. The remastering for CD again is indifferent.

A final knock against the series. You have to subscribe to the entire series in order to purchase them. If they were available singley, either in stores or by mail, I would be more interested in buying some of them.

A strong point in favor of this series is that you can get up to about 60 selections for a given year if you buy all three discs. Thus, you can get some of the great cuts that were not monster sellers.