Lois V. Vierk


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In the collection Relache: Outcome Inevitable. In Timberline (1991), written for ensemble, sliding mournful wind and string tones, a simple piano arpeggio, pentatonic scales, and woodblock tones (imitating the piano arpeggios) are gradually added together and then endlessly varied. A lovely outdoors sense is created. At the five-minute mark, a cymbal crash begins the process again, very slowly, with new material: pitches slightly varied, pulsations in the winds and strings (like an imitation of electronically decaying echoes), slow and low sliding tones, lyrical and pulsing material in the piano part, flutters in the winds, cymbal crashes, high drum rhythms. Gradually the ensemble becomes more mechanistically rhythmical, with descending glissandi added to the piano part. This seems to depict the chopping and felling of trees.