Thrash Anthems

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In many cases, it is a waste of time for rock bands to re-record a bunch of older songs they are known for; unless the new studio versions really put a fresh or different spin on something, what is the point? But Thrash Anthems is among rock's more noteworthy albums of re-recordings. This 72-minute CD finds German thrash metal veterans Destruction revisiting 13 songs they recorded in the past, including a lot of favorites from the '80s. "Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)" and "Profanity" (both respectable) are new songs, but every other track on this album (which was recorded in 2006 and released in the U.S. in early 2007) is a re-recording of previously released tunes -- and serious, longtime Destruction fans will recognize "Bestial Invasion," "Mad Butcher," "Curse the Gods," "Invisible Force," and other favorites that the band's 2006 lineup revisits. Although most of the songs are familiar, Thrash Anthems is not a best-of in the true sense; albums of re-recordings are not really best-ofs, and casual listeners would be better off with a true best-of by Destruction. Thrash Anthems is more appropriate for the truly serious, genuinely hardcore Destruction fans -- the folks who could never be satisfied having just one or two Destruction CDs in their collections -- and those hardcore fans will find that while these re-recordings don't necessarily improve on the original recordings, Thrash Anthems is not a bad listen at all. In many cases, the main difference between the re-recordings and the original versions has to do with the 2006 production; a thicker production style makes many of the songs sound heavier and denser than before, although some longtime fans will miss the rawness of the original versions. Also, it should be noted that lead singer Schmier (who was gone for 11 years but returned in 2000) is heard on some songs that were previously recorded without him. Thrash Anthems is not an essential purchase, but it has enough of an intrigue factor to be worthwhile and enjoyable for die-hard Destruction devotees.

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