Amon Düül

This Is Amon Düül

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Or, more accurately, this is a rip-off. Released in Germany and Great Britain in 1973 to capitalize on the growing international interest in what was becoming known as Krautrock thanks to Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and, indeed, Amon Düül II, whose more pop-oriented direction was announced with that year's Viva la Trance, This Is Amon Düül isn't a compilation, but rather a straight reissue of 1969's Psychedelic Underground (known on its 1970 U.S. release as Amon Düül) in a new sleeve with some deceptive photos of Amon Düül II, no members of which play on this album. Psychedelic Underground is an interesting album for die-hard fans of experimental music, though others might find its frequent excursions beyond free rock and into pure atonality tiring. Even worse, this edition of the album falls victim to a lousy mastering and pressing that makes the original tapes -- themselves pretty seriously lo-fi -- sound like mud. This is an utterly pointless reissue of interest only to the most completist of Krautrock collectors.