Little Thinker

Think About The Weather

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One of the best in the series. The slumping Little Thinker writers gave the ninth installment a major shot in the arm by introducing a new wrinkle on the formula. In this episode, Nancy takes the Little Thinker to see a talking weather machine that can transport them instantly to anywhere in the world to observe different kinds of weather. The weather machine turns out to be the first example of a convention that was to become a regular element of the series: the major supporting character that escorts the excitable hostess and her silent companion throughout their adventures. The weather machine may be the most engaging, if also the most unlikely, of those characters. Speaking with a pompous British accent, he seems grumpy and irascible at first and spars with Nancy over what locations to see. But by the end of the tape he comes to like his guests, even doing a brief impression of Rex Harrison singing "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" that is sure to go over the heads of young listeners. The subtext of that relationship makes this tape more lively and involving than many of the others. Its also refreshing to finally find a character willing to stand up to Nancy.