Little Thinker

Think About Sports

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The 12th Little Thinker adventure sends Nancy to a "sports preserve" to examine different kinds of sporting activities. It's doubtful that kids will learn much from this installment. Most will already be familiar with baseball, tennis, archery, and the like. And those who aren't are unlikely to gain much from Nancy's descriptions of them. The most it might do is to point out the connection between seemingly disparate activities such as skydiving and bowling. That said, it's hard to resist the ridiculous charm of this episode's guest character, Marcel the sport-loving Frenchman. Marcel leads Nancy and the Little Thinker through the sports facility and teaches them about many of the activities. Why they decided to give the character a cornball Maurice Chevalier accent remains a mystery since the sports facility was clearly not located in France. The most likely explanation is that the actor, who had previously used an English accent on Think About the Circus and Think About the Weather and a Southern accent on Think About Supersites in America and Think About Ways to Travel, wanted to try something new. Whatever the reason, it's great fun listening to his outrageous delivery of lines like "Here in zee sports prezairv, we use zee leeft to go from one place to anozzair."