Little Thinker

Think About Fun Poems

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The first of the Little Thinker tapes established many of the basic conventions of the series. The tape was hosted by a friendly woman who identified herself only as Nancy. She addresses the listener directly as "Little Thinker" in much the same way that Mister Rogers refers to his audience as "television friends." Nancy leads the "Little Thinker" through an entertaining lesson about the chosen topic -- in this case, poetry -- pausing periodically for cheerful tunes played on an instrument that sounds like a Casio keyboard. During those musical interludes, the listener is invited to draw a picture of something from the previous segment. While the promise of that concept is evident on All About Fun Poems, this tape is probably the weakest in the series. The "fun poems" recited by Nancy are simplistic four to eight line pieces that aim no higher than teaching children that "rat" rhymes with "cat." Parents hoping to introduce their kids to the pleasures of Whitman and Byron will have to look elsewhere. Also, this tape, which consists entirely of Nancy reciting poems, lacks the excitement of the later tapes, which led the listener through an educational adventure.