Johnny Bravo

Then Again, Maybe I Won't

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The first song on this album is called "Grew Up in the 80's," as if the band's name (Greg Brady's nom de rock), album title (nicked from a Judy Blume book), and choice of producer (the Cars' Ric Ocasek) weren't clues enough on their own. Theoretically, this album should be a fun, ironic romp along the lines of Redd Kross' Born Innocent or Teen Babes from Monsanto, early-'80s albums that celebrated '70s suburban culture with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The band is even led by two brothers who write the songs and share lead vocals! The problem is that guitarist Ansley Lancourt and bassist Bran Lancourt are no Jeff and Steve McDonald. The lyrics aren't particularly interesting and the melodies lack the poppy snap one would expect (the catchy and silly "Kick the Cat" is an exception on both counts). More damaging is the fact that Ansley Lancourt's voice, a gruff growl vaguely reminiscent of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Dicky Barrett, without Barrett's sly wit, is entirely wrong for this style of music. He sounds like he should be singing European death metal, not post-grunge power pop. Overall, Then Again, Maybe I Won't sounds like a potentially interesting idea indifferently executed.

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