Samuel Beckett

...The Whole Thing's Coming out of the Dark

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This is a very unusual project developed by Klaus Buhlert from texts and ideas by Irish author Samuel Beckett. Produced as a radio play for the ORF and DeutschlandRadio, it takes its title from a comment Beckett made in 1957 about the origin of his own radio plays. Three speakers, Raymond Federman, Barry McGovern, and Natasha Parry, read selected excerpts from three works: 1951's Molloy, 1959's L'Image (The Image), and 1980's Company. Although quite different in nature and written in different periods of the author's career, all the texts share a sense of alienation. The "sucking stones" scene from Molloy provides the main motif of the piece. The protagonist searches for a way to distribute and move 16 stones among four coat pockets to make sure that he sucks (yes, really) each of the stones. A musical score made of isolated trumpet or trombone notes has been derived from the "rules of distribution" stated in the text for Uwe Dierksen to follow. Unlike the voices, his playing appears only on occasion, making it the unifying factor, the provider of chronology in this bottled-up kaleidoscope of words. Voice spatialization (and multiplication, up to three voices playing games of call and answer) ensures a dynamic flow and, in headphones, enhances the dizzying effect Beckett's cycling prose can have. A perplexing work, ...The Whole Thing's Coming Out of the Dark manages to stick very closely to the spirit of Beckett's most experimental writings.