Jerry Goldsmith

The Vanishing

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The Vanishing Review

by Jason Ankeny

For better or for worse, the 1993 effort The Vanishing bears few of the hallmarks associated with composer Jerry Goldsmith. Favoring atmosphere and mystery over intensity and action, it's an often hypnotic listening experience that nevertheless fades from memory with surprising velocity. Writing for strings, flute and electronic undercurrents, Goldsmith vividly evokes the film's enigmatic blend of romance and dread, his themes are simple and unobtrusive, comprised of light melodies and noir-tinged arrangements. But what works onscreen doesn't necessarily translate to the home stereo, and while it's easy to get lost in The Vanishing, its reliance on mood over substance doesn't amount to much in the end. [Issued on CD in 2007 via Varese Sarabande's limited-edition Soundtrack Club imprint.]