The Strike

The Strike/Dillinger Four [Split EP]

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Okay, so both of these bands are from Minneapolis, MN (at least the Strike were before relocated to Chicago), both write about political wrong doings, both have a bit of a pop-punk edge (although The Strike are more mod influenced) and both like to drink. Quite a match up, but despite the similarities, Dillinger Four totally stand out with more of a sense of humor and a cover of The Pouges "Sally Maclennane." Not the say that the Strike are bad, who else could cover The Tom Robinson Band's "Ain't Gonna Take It Away" and make it a lot catchier? It's just that the Dillinger Four just have a lot more energy and "pick-up" going for them. Regardless of who's better (after all, this isn't a competition of who can outshine the other band), this split is a fine representation of the two most recognizable bands out of Minnesota.