Christopher DeLaurenti

The Sand Point Sound Gazetteer

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Released as part of the outdoor art exhibition "Project 18: verge," presented by the Sand Point Arts & Cultural Exchange (or SPACE) in Seattle, WA, The Sand Point Sound Gazetteer is a sound map of the Sand Point Magnuson Park. Christopher DeLaurenti has made field recordings at many locations in the park, its surroundings, and in its buildings, also taking sound walks and a sound car drive. He organized the material on the CD into 99 tracks (the maximum a CD player will read), leaving a few of them blank, like areas marked "terra incognita" on ancient maps. The album is presented like a catalog of sound events, and listeners are invited to peruse it using the random mode of the CD player. There is no point in not doing so, since the track order already shuffles geographical locations. Local people may recognize certain sounds, certain acoustic environments. Those who have never set foot in Seattle will witness a world both familiar and alien-sounding being revealed one glimpse at a time. The experience is intriguing, leaving one hoping that someone else (or DeLaurenti himself) now uses these recordings as source material for an electro-acoustic work of greater amplitude. This project is the antithesis of DeLaurenti's N30 album (from field recordings and police transmissions on the day of the November 30, 1999, World Trade Organization protest). Here time is not compressed but obliterated, since these short snippets could have been recorded at any time. And the fragmented events are unrelated, having nothing to tell but the sole fact that they happened while the microphone was recording.