DJ Food

The Quadraplex

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In underground alternative circles, ripping off the Chicago mood rock band Tortoise is tres chic. There's no lack of artists, ranging from Brokeback to the Orb to Stereolab, who owe a heavy debt to the founders of "post-rock." Unfortunately, most of them, including Tortoise, had gone staid by this album's release. While they aren't exactly stagnant at this point in time, most seem content with the assumption that their listeners will come along with them, and therefore see little need for large steps forward. DJ Food is a rare exception to this rule. He's tossed post-rock into a flavorful salad with hip-hop, jazz, sound experimentation, and trip-hop; it's a combo that gives post-rock a new energy, something it lacked since Tortoise released Millions Now Living Will Never Die. The Quadraplex EP replenishes post-rock with dance-beat energy and constant movement. Not just added sounds, but extra grooves that coax listeners on. It sounds much like A Forest Mighty Black, but with a more up-tempo, edgy feel. "Monocle" splices glass reverberations, bongos, and Digital Hardcore-esque break-ups. "Shattered Glass" is eerie, slow, and full of odd-ball instrumentation. It feels like it belongs somewhere in between a dance floor and a movie soundtrack. This is a wonderful but short collection of hip-hop meets post-rock.

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